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Latest update:  2018

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CiMotion Fusion  -  Generic Fusion            

Fusion refers to the use of several extra inputs, of different nature, in order to enhance an existing service. As example, it could be motion sensor input to change user interface adaptively the users activity context.

Latest CiMotion Fusion features a new fusion engine. The new algorithms supports an extended multitude of positioning services and the algorithms are more motion adaptive then ever.

· GPS positioning input

· Supports customer specific positioning input and services

· Network based positioning, WiFi and Bluetooth positioning input

· Motion sensor based positioning

· Dynamic weighted service selection

· Motion context adaptive service selection




CiMotion for Embedded Linux

The CiMotion libraries are now available for embedded Linux. The core libraries are unchanged, but now they are validated on an e-Linux platform.

· CiMotion libraries for e-Linux

· Application and integration support

· Qt design support (optional)