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Latest update:  Aug. 2018

Consult In Motion

The company was started in 2011 by Bjarne Schwartzbach. Inspired by his background in multimedia and mobile communication, the interest was the motion sensors. With more than 20 years of experience in scientific research and product innovation, Consult in Motion was started.

The strategic focused was human body motion, detection and analysis of the human activity. With motion sensors, as data source, the smartphone had all the hardware and features needed. As application target, enhancements to GPS positioning were chosen, but that was soon extended into Indoor Navigation and Context Awareness. Internet of Things is next.

The history below depicts the logical evolution of the Consult in Motion technology.



Year 2012 :        Sensor Based Navigation  -  Motion Sensors

· Indoor navigation  -  infrastructure-less positioning service

· Fusion of Motion Sensors with GPS

· Android and Windows  -  easy to integrate APIs



Year 2013 :        Gyro-less Indoor Positioning.

· Pedestrian Dead-Reckoning (PDR)  -  sensor based positioning

· Context Detection  -  analysis of the human body motion

· Fusion for further Enhanced Indoor Navigation



Year 2014 :        Compass & Calibration

Compass accuracy is a challenge with consumer sensors for navigation purposes. With sensor alignment algorithms, in software, Consult in Motion has achieved:

· Compass  -  navigation grade accuracy

· Consumer grade sensor hardware

· Tilt compensated precision compass



Year 2015 :        CiMotion for Wearable’s

Does the step-counter in the watch become confused by swinging arms or
hand movements?

Wearable compilation, watches and glasses:

· Special algorithms optimised for sport watches

· True walk detection and accurate distance of walk

· Full Wave Walk Detector  -  you get accurate speed and distance. (No step counting, in fact, we do not even count the steps)



Year 2016 :        Embedded Linux Compilation

· Proven portability of the CiMotion software libraries

· Qt UI support (optional)

· Design support at PCB level and sensor validation. Early validation, as soon as the first platform system software is running



Year 2018 :        CiMotion Fusion  -  Generic Fusion

· Sensor Fusion is combined with Navigation Fusion

· Fusion of Context Analysis, Motion Sensors, GPS, Network Based Positioning, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc. ...

· User Experience  -  Real-Time indoor positioning, infrastructure-less or -lean.