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· Consult in Motion is committed and has always been committed to a fair and lawful collection and processing of data. Consult in Motion has limited itself to only collecting a minimum amount of details and data, to have a transparent process and simplify the fulfilment of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

· Consult in Motion does not use cookies on the web-site.

· Though, statistical information about accesses to the web site is collected. It is used for monitoring for an efficiently and correctly working web-site access.

· Statistical information, hereunder IP-addresses, might be used to identify geographical origin of accesses and volume of data traffic.

· Company details are kept only to that extend needed for invoicing purposes. The same applies to personal details in case of purchase orders from persons or personally held and operated companies.

· With respect to information and data, submitted by partners and clients, which might potentially contain, usually low risk, personal information like for example tracking– and geo-location data, positioning data, etc. . The purpose of that information and data is usually to solve a problem for the submitting client. Consult in Motion will restrict the use of the data to serving the client with better solutions, which means, that Consult in Motion, and possible affiliates, might use the data in product development to improve its products.

· Any private details and client specific information or data, if the client requests deletion hereof, it will be destroyed within 7 working days.



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